The State of Fem Art Podcast

Hosted by Timea Faulkner, The State of Fem Art podcast is a space where we celebrate and amplify the voices of women artists and creative entrepreneurs taking a deep dive into the successes, barriers, and joys of what it means to be a woman navigating your creativity, personal life, and the industry. Here, women will tell their own stories, authentically, boldly, and unapologetically. Each interview is a new journey, as we continue to curate spaces, conversations an resources for women artists + creatives to thrive!

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The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E07 – Cakes By LaLa | The Art of Cake Design

Lala Economides was working in marketing before realizing that she could turn her love for cake design into a viable career.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E06 – Deborah Anderson | Diversity in Animation & Protecting the Creative Spirit

Timea Faulkner chats w/ Deborah Anderson, a 3D modeler who got her start working in a South Korean animation studio working on Family Guy & more.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E05 – Morgen Whiteman | Making The True Crime Genre More Equitable

Timea Faulkner talks to Morgen Whiteman about bringing equity to the crime thriller genre through her latest crime thriller limited series Apophenia.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E04 – Laura Simpson | Thriving As A Touring Artist in A Post-Pandemic Gig Economy

Laura Simpson shares her journey navigating the tech industry & why she's passionate about creating spaces for performing artists to share their art.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E03 – Adrianne Ramsey | Being an Art Curator & How to Get Paid as An Artist

You don't have to be a starving artists! Timea Faulkner chats with Adrianne Ramsey about what it's like being an art curator.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E02 – Brittany Pierone | Proof of Concept, Nike, & New Dreams

Timea Faulkner chats with designer and founder of Proof of Concept™️, Brittany Pierone on her journey in the industry.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E01 – From Radio Row to The Recording Academy

Recording Academy Genre Manager Jalyn Nelson talks about her journey from radio to where she is now.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E07 – Michelle Hernandez | The Importance of Getting Native Stories Right

Michelle is a Wiyot and Latina filmmaker who grew up on the Table Bluff Reservation, where she found her love for filmmaking.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E06- Jiya Simon | Life at Paramount, Red Carpet Etiquette, and Wellbeing While You Work

Jiya Simon shares what life is like in publicity & awards at Paramount, provides tips for navigating the hectic red carpet.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E05- Lucy Crivelli | Telling Your Own Stories and Creating Something You Believe In

Our guest Lucy Crivelli has been proving time and time again that passion can lead to countless opportunities.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E04 - Janishia Jones | The Business of Music + Advocating for Yourself

Janishia Jones is a senior music business executive, an entrepreneur, and singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E03 - Ariel Adkins | The Fusion of Art, Culture, and Social Media

In this episode, I talk with Ariel Adkins, the Curator of Art, Culture, & Community at Twitter.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E02 - Katrina Lee | "It Took Me Four Years to Land a Job at The Recording Academy"

Jammcard Operations Manager Katrina Lee talks about the resilience it took to break into the music industry.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E01 - Meet The Artists- SheROCKS 2022 (Part I)

Hear the stories, journeys, and creative processes of our 2022 grant recipient Roxanna Denise Stevens Ibarra, Denise Khumalo, and Christine Noel.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E07 - Patrice Bowman | Where are the Women Colorist in Film & TV?

We speak with Yale graduate, film colorist, and owner of Bowman Pictures, Patrice Bowman.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E06 - Natasia Malaihollo | Her Silicon Valley Days, Business Failures and Success in Tech, Working at PopCom

Natasia Malaihollo is the Vice President of Business Development at PopCom, and was the CEO and co-founder of Wyzerr.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E05 - Eliana Reyes | Body Positivity, Being Afro-LatinX in the Film Industry, and The Representation of LatinX People in Media

Creative Eliana Reyes shares her experience growing up as an Afro-Latinx plus-size woman in an industry built on vanity.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E04 - Carolynn Haydu | The Resilience and Eviction of Artists Following the Sale of American Steel Studios

We speak about what's happening in Oakland, the importance of art to creators and spectators, and reserving space for yourself as an artist.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E03 - Autumn Breon | Art & Advocacy, Equal Pay, and NFTs

I chat with the mastermind behind it all—Autumn Breon. We explore the interplay between art and advocacy, reclaiming the time of Black Women.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E02 - Yasmin Williams on The Reality of Streaming Royalties + Creating Safe Spaces For Artists

Musician and composer Yasmin Williams shares the truth about artist compensation, being a Black women artists in folk music, and things she's learned.
The State of Fem Art – Podcast

E01 - Welcome to “The State of Fem Art” | Addie Rawr on Not Compromising Your Art + Building Bridges

How The State of Fem Art came to be; we cover the trailblazing women featured on our podcast cover and speak to artist Addie Rawr.