E07 - Patrice Bowman | Where are the Women Colorist in Film & TV?

Published on
11 Jan 2022
Patrice Bowman
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The State of Fem Art
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Do you know any women in film who also do color-grading? The numbers are scarce and the statistics surrounding women filling this role are almost non-existent.

We speak with Yale graduate, film colorist, and owner of Bowman Pictures, Patrice Bowman.

Her business produces short-form narrative work and provides color correction/grading services for a variety of projects including commercials, documentaries, music videos, and more.

Her work has screened at PBS Reel South, DOC NYC, Reel Sisters of the Diaspora, and the Tribeca film festival. She has also color graded branded content for companies like Nike, Facebook, and Foot Locker.

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