E04 – Laura Simpson | Thriving As A Touring Artist in A Post-Pandemic Gig Economy

Published on
11 Jan 2022
Laura Simpson
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The State of Fem Art
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Laura Simpson, is the CEO and co-founder of Side Door. Side Door is an online platform created to connect musicians to the host of their next gig. The platform gives agency back to artists by turning any space into a music venue, negating the hassle and massive costs of traditional renting venues.

She shares her journey navigating the tech industry, how she turned her backyard into a mini music festival for indie artists, and why she's passionate about creating spaces for performing artists to share their art.

If you're currently an artist performing at Folk Alliance International (FAI) in Kansas City or showcasing at South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festival in Austin, Side Door ensures a $200 USD guarantee for artists. The guarantee is in addition to the net ticket revenue split from shows. Please visit their program details page to apply and read more about the program.

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