Empowering women artists is great, but activating women artists gives them the power to change the world.

We’ve seen the data about the inequities that exist within the arts and entertainment industry, and other male-dominated fields like tech, engineering, and architecture. Our question now is, what are we going to do about it?

We Make Things Happen For Women Artists

SOFemArt is a community-driven platform and app of artists and advocates committed to amplifying the voices and work of women artists through mentorship, resources, opportunities, funding, and curation. We aim to reframe gender biases and false perceptions about the education, skill, intellect, or talent of women creatives across the arts and entertainment industries. We do this by putting a lens back on raw talent, putting the resources in the hands of artists, and putting the power of amplification back into the hands of fans to work towards a more equitable arts, entertainment, and tech industry.

A great artist is a great artist, but the data has shown that the playing field for men and women looks vastly different. At the State of Fem Art, we don't just want to level the playing field. We want to change the narrative. We realize there is more we can do to ensure that women artists and their creative works are seen, heard, funded, and executed at the highest level. We're providing the resources and opportunities that help bring gender parity to a predominately male-driven industry while amplifying women artists to the fullest extent.

Here's how we do it.


Advocacy & Research

We work with key decision-makers and influencers to hold the arts and entertainment industry and businesses accountable to ensure gender parity, equal opportunities, and representation exists for women artists. We also work with data analysts to uncover gaps, disparities, and inequities that continue to create barriers the growth, trajectory, and recognition of women artists.


Artist Discovery & Support

We amplify the work of artists through curated experiences to introduce them to new audiences + fanbases. We also educate fans on the best ways to support the artists they love. Lastly, we provide ways for artists to share when they need help so we can connect them with the best arts advocate or organization to assist.


Education & Resources

We've created an end-to-end member-only networking platform that connects women artists with community, funding, resources, and the education they need to succeed within their perspective industries. This space allows them to hone their skills, understand the business, and connect, create, and collaborate with industry mentors and brands who want to work with them.


Getting Women Artists & Their Creative Works Seen and Funded

We increase visibility and work-for-hire opportunities available to women artists through grant initiatives like our artist fund, partnerships, art auctions + exhibitions, and programs to increase funding for projects by women artists.


Changing the Narrative

Through the media, exhibitions, and events we produce, we have the necessary conversations and highlight the stories of women artists. We aim to reframe gender biases and false perceptions about the education, skill, intellect, or talent of women creatives across the arts and entertainment industries by putting a lens back on raw talent and working towards equality.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for women artists to be seen, funded, and supported through education, mentorship, community, advocacy, and recognition.

This work isn't for one of us. It's for all of us.

TOGETHER, we will create solutions to tackle current inequities in the arts and entertainment industries.

Women hugging

Our Values

Women artists are not a monolith, but as a collective, what we create can be infinite, deep-reaching, and life-giving when we choose to create, collaborate, support, and connect with each other. Our community is inclusive and strives to make sure that the lived experiences and work of our beautifully diverse community remain respected and honored at all times.