Current Advocacy Opportunities

Stolen Art  & Creative Works

Recently we have been experiencing an influx of reports from our community about artwork and creative work being stolen and reproduced for sale without permission in mass quantities. We are seeking advocates who have expertise in art law, artists rights, intellectual property, royalties, and copyright permissions. In addition, those experts who are well-versed and skilled in liaising and analyzing deals would be most beneficial to our community.

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Domestic Violence, Assault, & Mental Health

Artists reports of various types of assault and an increased request for access to affordable mental health care and therapy has grown. We are seeking licensed mental healthcare professionals, therapists, and counselors who are able to offer support and advocate on behalf of our members.

Fund An Award

Each year, The State of Fem Art disperses awards to women artists on a rolling, annual, and quarterly basis.  We have listed those awards below for those who wish to sponsor or honor the memory of a loved one by sponsoring an award on behalf of your business, organization, or an individual.

Our Awards

The Artist Fund Initiative for Women in Visual & Performing Arts

$4,000 - $10,000/YR

Rolling grant funds for artists whose creative mobility has been impacted by health, life, or socioeconomic circumstances.

Distributed quarterly (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Application in The Arts

Rolling grant to help cover application fees for artists open call for art submissions and intensives.

Distributed monthly, January through December

Any Award Category
Donor Based Amount

Established on behalf of the donor or individual in memorium to award artists in the discipline of their choosing.

SheROCKS Awards
SheROCKS Woman of the Year

Award Recipient is recognized for their philanthropic work within the community , business, or nonprofit sector. Must be able to speak to impact and commitment to a cause spanning longer than two years.

SheROCKS Artist of The Year

Award recipient is awarded for project and career trajectory over the past year in visual or performing arts.

SheROCKS Filmmaker of The Year

Award recipient is recognized for producing or creating a film or digital media work that is distinct with consideration to cinematography, color grading, story line, and scoring.

SheROCKS Fashion Designer of the Year

Award recipient is recognized for skill, talent, and range of work in fashion design.

SheROCKS Designer of the Year

Award recipient is recognized for skill, talent, and forward-thinking in product design, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, web design, experiential design, costume design, illustration or motion graphic design work.

SheROCKS Innovation in Art

Award recipient is recognized for pushing the needle forward to create groundbreaking work in visual or performing arts.

SheROCKS Emerging Artist of The Year

Award recipients who show promise in their artistic discipline within visual and performing arts.

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