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Morgen Whiteman

E05 – Morgen Whiteman | Making The True Crime Genre More Equitable

Timea Faulkner talks to Morgen Whiteman about bringing equity to the crime thriller genre through her latest crime thriller limited series Apophenia.
Michelle Hernandez

E07 – Michelle Hernandez | The Importance of Getting Native Stories Right

Michelle is a Wiyot and Latina filmmaker who grew up on the Table Bluff Reservation, where she found her love for filmmaking.
SheROCKS 2022 Artists

E01 - Meet The Artists- SheROCKS 2022 (Part I)

Hear the stories, journeys, and creative processes of our 2022 grant recipient Roxanna Denise Stevens Ibarra, Denise Khumalo, and Christine Noel.
Patrice Bowman

E07 - Patrice Bowman | Where are the Women Colorist in Film & TV?

We speak with Yale graduate, film colorist, and owner of Bowman Pictures, Patrice Bowman.
Eliana Reyes

E05 - Eliana Reyes | Body Positivity, Being Afro-LatinX in the Film Industry, and The Representation of LatinX People in Media

Creative Eliana Reyes shares her experience growing up as an Afro-Latinx plus-size woman in an industry built on vanity.