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SheROCKS w/ C.R.O.C. Presents "Creative Oasis": A Mindful Art Residency in Glassboro, NJ

The State of Fem Art, in collaboration with The Better Giveback Foundation Inc., proudly announces its transformative artist residency.


Glassboro, NJ - January 8, 2024—The State of Fem Art, in collaboration with The Better Giveback Foundation Inc., proudly announces the second edition of its transformative artist residency SheROCKS with C.R.O.C. program, "Creative Oasis." Centered around the theme of mindful creativity, the residency will take place from March 20-23, 2024, in the heart of Glassboro, NJ, a vibrant college town steeped in the history of the glassmaking industry.

Building on the success of the inaugural program in March 2023, "Creative Oasis" is a 3-day immersive experience tailored for collegiate-age women artists. The residency, a collaboration between The Better Giveback Foundation, Inc.'s Creatives on Campus work-study program and The State of Fem Art's SheROCKS event program, aims to provide a unique blend of artistic expression, creative exploration, personal growth, business development, and community building.

In a joint statement, program founders Brittanie Thomas and Timea Faulkner said, "This program is an investment into the future of the arts. The ripple effect of mindful creativity extends beyond the residency, influencing the participants' artistic practices and, in turn, the broader creative community. We strive to foster a culture of mindful creativity that empowers collegiate-age women artists to unleash their full artistic potential."

"Creative Oasis" is designed to inspire and celebrate the fusion of mindfulness and creativity. Participants will embark on a journey of exploration, delving into the depths of their artistic selves. Through carefully curated workshops, discussions, and collaborative projects, the residency fosters an environment that encourages self-discovery and cultivating a deeper connection between art and mindfulness.

The residency culminates in an exhibition showcasing the participants' creations through visual and performance art  during Women's History Month. Attendees will get to explore a diverse array of thought-provoking, emotionally resonant artworks that embody the theme of mindful creativity by four creatives who have completed the residency.

To apply for the residency, artists can complete the application:

For media inquiries and interviews, please contact:

T. Gaines

Love Life Media

About SheROCKS w/ C.R.O.C.

SheROCKS w/ C.R.O.C. is a collaboration between 501(c)3 The Better Giveback Foundation's Creatives on Campus program and The State of Fem Art's SheROCKS event program, dedicated to providing immersive arts programming and fostering creativity in post-secondary educational settings.


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SOFemArt Advisory Board Announcement

The State of Fem Art Announces Formation of Advisory Board to Drive Impact for Women in the Arts and Tech


The State of Fem Art Announces Formation of Advisory Board to Drive Impact for Women in the Arts and Tech

Bowie, MD – December 4, 2023 – The State of Fem Art (SOFemArt), a community-driven platform dedicated to uplifting women artists and amplifying their voices, is proud to announce the formation of its Advisory Board. Committed to furthering the mission of providing equitable and inclusive opportunities for women in the arts and tech, the Advisory Board will play a pivotal role in driving strategic efforts to achieve this goal.

For the past decade, SOFemArt has been at the forefront of promoting women artists through its 'SheROCKS' event programming, showcasing emerging talents and trailblazing pioneers in performing arts, tech, and design. Now, as the organization expands its mission to create pathways for artists to develop their careers and skills, the formation of the Advisory Board becomes critical to guide this transformation.

Founder of The State of Fem Art, Timea Faulkner, expressed the significance of the Advisory Board, saying, "The advisory board is critical to ensuring The State of Fem Art continues to progress forward as we amplify and resource women artists, especially those who are in spaces that generally don't foster their advancement or lack fair and inclusive opportunities for them to be successful. We want to do it right, and that requires bright minds in the industry to make sure we don't fall short of that mission."

The inaugural Advisory Board members bring a diverse range of experiences and expertise from various industries, including the arts, media and entertainment, tech, communications, nonprofit, finance, and higher education. Their collective knowledge and insights will be instrumental in guiding SOFemArt's strategic efforts to empower women in the arts and technology fields.

The inaugural Advisory Board Members include:

  • Alexis Harris: A Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation, where she supports the company's public sector Subsidiary, Microsoft Federal. She has years of experience in Information Technology and Business program management, with a great portion of her career spent supporting the country's defense community.
  • Elita Fielder Adjei: An executive leader in publicity, media relations and corporate communications, Elita, has positioned powerhouse (public and private) Fortune 500 companies in entertainment, media, health care, and energy/logistics. She's provided media expertise to C-suite executives, developing and executing strategic communications for both global and matrix organizations including The Walt Disney Company (ABC Owned Television Stations, National Geographic), Kaiser Permanente, GAC Shipping, Aggreko, and more.
  • Kudzai Taziva (Kudz): A recovering suit, aspiring creative, and dedicated technologist. His past experiences span from corporate roles at Apple and Microsoft to entrepreneurial endeavors as a start-up advisor, investor, and founder. Born in Zimbabwe and a self-described global citizen, Kudz currently supports professional creatives navigating the digital frontier as CEO of Social Crucifixion.
  • Jaime Green: An Emmy Nominated and 3x Telly Award-Winning Writer, Producer, Director, and On-Air Host with more than a decade of experience in multimedia.Throughout her career, sheʼs produced content with some of the biggest stars in the film and music industries. As a former Multi-Platform Senior Producer, Assignment Editor, and Special Project Producer, Jaime is committed to illuminating diverse perspectives and paving pathways for the next generation of storytellers.
  • Brittanie Thomas: A trailblazing leader with over fifteen years of experience in post-secondary education and the arts & culture sector. Coined, The Organizational Therapist, Brittanie's career includes a progression of leadership roles, such as administrator, counselor, operations manager, senior analyst, division-wide director, resident director, and most commonly, principal consultant. Dually, Brittanie is a professional recording artist with multiple published works. She also serves as the founding director of a family-led non-profit (501c3), The Better GiveBack Foundation, Inc.

The Advisory Board's expansion is ongoing, and its members are poised to play a crucial role in driving strategic efforts to improve operational resources and education for underserved artists in communities across the nation, ensuring equitable and inclusive opportunities and visibility for all women artists.

About The State of Fem Art:

The State of Fem Art (SOFemArt) is a community-driven platform of artists and advocates committed to resourcing & amplifying the voices and work of women artists. We do this by putting a lens back on raw talent, putting resources in the hands of artists, and putting the power of amplification back into the hands of fans to work towards a more equitable arts, entertainment, and tech industry.

For more information, please visit


For media inquiries, please contact:

SheROCKS Event Partners with Americans For the Arts
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In its 10th year of celebrating women artists and entrepreneurs, SheROCKS will feature multicultural artists from across the nation.

Washington, D.C. — In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Americans for the Arts announced that they’ll be joining the 2023 SheROCKS Event as an official Awareness Partner. SheROCKS is one of the fastest growing events for emerging multicultural women artists and entrepreneurs. The event will be held at Capital Turnaround, 700 M St SE, Washington, D.C., on March 25, 2023. Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite.

Created in 2013 by The State of Fem Art, SheROCKS honors women making strides in visual and performing arts. It aims to encourage the growth and preserve the futures of women artists and creatives who don't often have access to arts education, funding, and opportunities on par with their male counterparts.

Throughout the year, Americans for the Arts will spotlight SheROCKS’ work and artists to create national equitable awareness about women in the arts and educate other emerging artist on resources available to help guide and support their careers. In addition, Americans for the Arts will host a series of community conversations across Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, to explore topics impacting the arts and culture community.

“We are excited to partner with SheROCKS in this vital work to empower female multicultural artists,” stated Americans for the Arts President and CEO Nolen V. Bivens. “This year’s International Women’s Day theme, #EmbraceEquity, aligns with our vision of the cultural, social, educational, and economic power of the arts to help solve some of the greatest challenges in America. In order to overcome barriers and achieve inclusion and belonging, equitable action is required. We strive to advocate equitably for the power of the arts across the nation and SheROCKS is an excellent opportunity to do just that.”

Now in its 10th year, the event will offer an array of activities, including live performances, exhibits, dynamic workshops, rousing talks, educational panels, a women-owned marketplace, and a power brunch to advance connection and collaboration. The celebration kicks off with the ultimate girl’s night out—a pamper party & mixer with luxe treats to launch an exhilarating weekend that provides a magnificent opportunity to experience women’s artistry up close and personal.

“We are grateful to collaborate with Americans for the Arts to drive awareness around the importance of elevating artists who are often under-resourced. Amplifying their work and stories helps us continue to work towards a more equitable art world, one that considers the cultural and lived experiences of all women artists,” said SheROCKS Founder Timea Faulkner.

The event’s lineup will showcase singer Bobbie Michelle, singer/musician Shan Dae, singer PatriceLIVE, visual artist Michaela Baldwin, singer/songwriter Kyaira, Filmmaker of the Year honoree Debbie Vu, musician Roella Orolo, dancer Nya, singer Janai, photographer Kourtney Iman, Poet, Ashley Cruel, Visual Artist, Cherrelle King, Photographer of the Year honoree Olivia “Lit Liv,” and photographer/visual artist Dawn Bangi. For a complete list of showcased artists, visit

This year’s event sponsors include: Chaise Management Group, Destiny’s Pops, PXL Booth, Zen in A Jar, An Xquisite Beginning Event Design, among others.

For more information, please follow along through our social media platforms at @Americans4Arts.

Mariaesmeralda Paguaga

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SOFemArt's SheROCKS Event joins forces w/ The Better Give Giveback Foundation to Support College Creatives & Alumni Artists

The State of Fem Art’s SheROCKS Event has joined forces w/ 501(c)3 The Better Give Giveback Foundation through their Creatives on Campus program.

The State of Fem Art’s SheROCKS Event has joined forces w/ 501(c)3 The Better Give Giveback Foundation through their Creatives on Campus program to create an annual programming initiative called “SheROCKS w/ CROC.” This program provides immersion, education, and opportunities for women of color in post-secondary education to learn about the arts and creative business careers with specialized programming starting at this year’s SheROCKS Event on March 23rd-March 25th.

According to research by Americans For the Arts, Students engaged in arts learning have higher GPAs, standardized test scores, college-going rates, and lower drop-out rates. However, the Department of Education reports that access to arts education for students of color is significantly lower than for their white peers. In addition, 72% of business leaders say that creativity is one of the top 5 skills business leaders seek when hiring.Did you know the nation’s arts and culture sector (nonprofit, commercial, education) is an $876.7 billion industry that supports 4.6 million jobs (AFTA, 2020)?

If women of color are not provided with equal access to arts learning and cultural experiences that foster the creativity needed to develop future business leaders and innovators, then how can they benefit from the jobs and opportunities created by individuals in the arts and industries where creativity is a core skill needed for various corporate sectors?

This annual program will:

✔️Immerse participants of the Creatives on Campus community program within one of the fastest growing event weekends for emerging women artists and entrepreneurs, SheROCKS Event.

✔️Provide participants with training and educational opportunities to learn about careers and entrepreneurship within arts & entertainment, marketing, consulting, health and wellness, and more.We’re thrilled about this partnership as our goal is to continue to increase equity in the arts for artists and creative students while providing immersive experiences that foster creative and business skills, a knowledge and appreciation for the arts, and encourage creativity in post-secondary educational settings.

Link to donate: SheROCKS w/ CROC Campaign

The State of Fem Art Teams Up With DiscoverU Health
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The State of Fem Art Teams Up With DiscoverU Health to Bring Affordable Healthcare and Wellness Programming to Artists

The State of Fem Art (SOFemArt) and DiscoverU Health have partnered to provide affordable healthcare for freelance women artists and artpreneurs .

The State of Fem Art Teams Up With DiscoverU Health to Bring Affordable Healthcare and Wellness Programming to Artists

(WASHINGTON, DC) –– The State of Fem Art (SOFemArt) and DiscoverU Health have partnered to provide affordable healthcare for freelance women artists and artpreneurs in D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia. DiscoverU Health is a nurse-led healthcare management firm that provides inclusive concierge medicine to pediatrics and adults through virtual and concierge in-home visits by board-certified professional providers.

Starting March 24th until April 24th, SOFemArt members will receive 15% off DiscoverU's monthly health plan and services, providing access to Primary Care, Urgent Care, Chronic Care, Mental Care, Sexual Health, Women's Health Care, Dermatology Care, Dental, Vision, Labs, and more. After the initial launch of their partnership, SOFemArt members will continue receiving 10% off services through 2023. The two organizations have also partnered to provide health & wellness programming for artists education and awareness to encourage creative entrepreneurs and artists to integrate health and well-being into their daily lives.

"Many of our artists have shared how hard it is to find affordable mental and health care services and coverage. That truth is even greater for BIPOC women artists who work full-time in the arts & entertainment industry. Not only are the health and well-being of artists a necessity to us, but it is vital. We're happy to partner with DiscoverU health because they truly care about providing person-centered, equitable care," said Timea Faulkner, Founder of SOFemArt.

The partnership announcement comes on the forthcoming launch of the SOFemArt app, which will happen during the SheROCKS event in Washington, D.C, at The Capital Turnaround. At the event, SOFemArt and DiscoverU Health will share more about their blossoming partnership and why it's a game-changer for full-time artists.

“Everyone should have the liberty to pursue their passion and purpose without the risk of losing access to healthcare. With the SOFemArt and DiscoverU Health partnership, artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs can participate in preventive health while enjoying the pursuit of their dreams. Following your passion presents significant risks, but healthcare should not be one of them,” said DiscoverU Health CEO, Pamgrace Gachenge.

Register here to join the SOFemArt directory for access to DiscoverU healthcare services and to attend wellness events fueled through this partnership:

About The State of Fem Art

SOFemArt is a community-driven platform + app of artists and advocates committed to amplifying the voices and work of women artists through mentorship, resources, opportunities, funding, and curation. We aim to reframe gender biases and false perceptions about the education, skill, intellect, or talent of women creatives across the arts and entertainment industries. We do this by putting a lens back on raw talent, putting the resources in the hands of artists, and putting the power of amplification back into the hands of fans to work towards a more equitable arts, entertainment, and tech industry.

About DiscoverU Health

DiscoverU Health tech-enabled healthcare is changing the narrative and standard of care. Evident in our motto, 'bringing care to you,' we're making concierge medicine affordable and accessible to underserved or uninsured individuals. Our preventative health services are anchored in partnership with small businesses and individuals. We aim to leverage healthcare, hospitality, and technology so every client has quality care with tangible outcomes.


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