SOFemArt's SheROCKS Event joins forces w/ The Better Give Giveback Foundation to Support College Creatives & Alumni Artists

The State of Fem Art
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The State of Fem Art’s SheROCKS Event has joined forces w/ 501(c)3 The Better Give Giveback Foundation through their Creatives on Campus program to create an annual programming initiative called “SheROCKS w/ CROC.” This program provides immersion, education, and opportunities for women of color in post-secondary education to learn about the arts and creative business careers with specialized programming starting at this year’s SheROCKS Event on March 23rd-March 25th.

According to research by Americans For the Arts, Students engaged in arts learning have higher GPAs, standardized test scores, college-going rates, and lower drop-out rates. However, the Department of Education reports that access to arts education for students of color is significantly lower than for their white peers. In addition, 72% of business leaders say that creativity is one of the top 5 skills business leaders seek when hiring.Did you know the nation’s arts and culture sector (nonprofit, commercial, education) is an $876.7 billion industry that supports 4.6 million jobs (AFTA, 2020)?

If women of color are not provided with equal access to arts learning and cultural experiences that foster the creativity needed to develop future business leaders and innovators, then how can they benefit from the jobs and opportunities created by individuals in the arts and industries where creativity is a core skill needed for various corporate sectors?

This annual program will:

✔️Immerse participants of the Creatives on Campus community program within one of the fastest growing event weekends for emerging women artists and entrepreneurs, SheROCKS Event.

✔️Provide participants with training and educational opportunities to learn about careers and entrepreneurship within arts & entertainment, marketing, consulting, health and wellness, and more.We’re thrilled about this partnership as our goal is to continue to increase equity in the arts for artists and creative students while providing immersive experiences that foster creative and business skills, a knowledge and appreciation for the arts, and encourage creativity in post-secondary educational settings.

Link to donate: SheROCKS w/ CROC Campaign

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