Honey’s Girl

Shayla Dobson

District of Columbia

Artist Bio

Honey’s Girl is a catalyst of self-reflection and personal growth through art. We believe that everyone is a reflection of each other and the world around us. We understand that there is beauty, power, and limitless creative possibility in those connections. And so we inspire people to be, see. And act in that vein. We are able to inspire such an energy by tapping into concepts like color therapy, chakra balancing, a variety of symbolism and more.

Honey’s Girl Art is characterized by smooth gradient blends, vibrant complimentary colors, and bold black graduates line-weights. There’s also a recurring imagery of anatomical hearts, alluding to themes around emotional authenticity. In fact, the name “Honey’s Girl” was inspired by the close relationship between Shayla and her grandma, Honey. Shayla is a self taught artist, originally from Miami, FL and currently DC based.

Visual Artist
Ways to support me:

Vending opportunities, financial investments, info on how to sell my art on a corporate level to hotels, banks, etc.