Shan Dae

Shan Chua

New Jersey

Artist Bio

I am a 21 year old singer/songwriter from the South Jersey/Philly area. For as long as I have known, singing was my favorite thing to do. Then at 10 years old, I was blessed to pick up piano lessons and from there on I didn't stop playing and singing! However, high-school came along and I realized I wanted to take music seriously.

I was uploading YouTube covers for fun since middle school but then I discovered that making music was truly a therapeutic and creative outlet for me. I realized I could dive into a more unique pathway of working on my voice, becoming an artist and music educator in college. And currently, I am following that path. I am a senior vocal performance major/music ed. minor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I'm exploring, learning, performing at different Philly venues, appreciating so many different styles of music, crafting my artistry, finding my own voice in between and writing meaningful songs along the way.

Ways to support me:

I definitely need any support as an artist. That being social media support, community building support or building relationships with others within and outside of the industry. I love making friends and connections. I think that's what I need the most is moral support from others in this business!