The Poetic Activist

Porsche Veu


Artist Bio

Porsche Veu aka The Poetic Activist is an author, motivational speaker, facilitator and artist of many talents from Oakland, Ca. With a passion for God, social justice, and mental health, Porsche aims to bridge the gap between faith & social justice, create brave atmospheres for uncomfortable conversations, and inspire others to find healing & freedom in telling their own stories, using motivational speaking, workshop facilitation, spoken word poetry and music.

After sharing her first personal spoken word poem “Caesar: A Poem About Suicide” in 2017, Porsche has evolved into an artist and speaker who heavily encourages people to fight the shame that keeps them from being vulnerable and healing. She coined the phrase "Erase shame, tell your story,” after publishing her first poetry book 2 Kinds of Fire in 2019.

Porsche has been invited to speak and perform as well as facilitate workshops in numerous spaces such as TED Talk, Google, Adobe, Apple, and YWCA. She has also been invited to speak at a host of colleges, companies, organizations, churches, festivals, conferences, and spoken word events across the country, in addition to featuring on podcasts, panels, and creative projects, such as the 2020 CA Census campaign. Her ultimate goal is to challenge societal norms, foster healing in people and break the shame attached to trauma, and help change broken and unjust systems.

Spoken Word, Motivational Speaking, Music (Rap),
Ways to support me:

The biggest form of support, aside from buying books and merchandise, is referring me as a speaker, poet, or workshop facilitator. While my own marketing has gotten me many opportunities, referrals have been an even greater source of opportunity. Sharing my work and what I do for potential creative opportunities is a great way to support.