Janai Marshall

Janai Marshall

District of Columbia

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Washington DC, Janai Marshall is an artist with a lens of supporting mental health. Janai believes that the words and images we create & latch on to are crucial to the formation of our culture. She also believes that they build our vocabulary for navigating the twists and turns of the hearts’ journey. Her goal is to create music that serves as a soundtrack for healing for black and melanated people, and to create visuals that capture their imaginings of a better future.

Visual artist, singer/songwriter
Ways to support me:

I need support with:

• Access to event spaces for performances and art exhibitions

• Grant writing support.

• Back-end tech support with media content management

• Setting up and managing efficient back-end systems. Including—but not limited to—LLC set up, legal support (trademarking, protecting intellectual property, auditing contracts, and other documentation for clients) and tax compliance.

• Marketing to expand audience reach.

• How to effectively monetize creative endeavors.

• Seeking sponsorships and corporate partnerships.

• Rubric for pricing and valuation for art.