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No More Starving Artists: Ways to Turn Your Creativity into Consistent Income

There are ways to turn your creativity into consistent income; women artists can be successful, and they can define what that success looks like.

Imagine a world where the starving artist mentality was a thought of the past. 

Imagine a shift where imposter syndrome and toxic stereotypes didn’t prevent women from boldly sharing their creativity.

Imagine a reality where women were empowered to embrace their creative femininity and make a consistent and viable income while doing it. 

There are ways to turn your creativity into consistent income; women artists can be successful, and they can define what that success looks like. You do not need to choose between fulfilling your calling as a creative and choosing a career that pays the bills.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman artist, a performer, a creative, or a combination of all of these, through traditional and non-traditional ways, you can make a consistent income that falls within your passions.

Turn to digital spaces as an artist.

Now, we know that you didn’t click this blog to be told to post more content online. You started reading this blog to find new and enriching ways to generate an income from your creative passions.

Digital spaces are more than just “post on TikTok and hope you go viral.”  

When we say, “turn to digital spaces,” we encourage you to  think outside of just posting on social media. Consider how you could share about your art in an online class setting—maybe teaching a course about your specific passion could be a viable stream of income.

Whether it’s a Masterclass, or a Zoom class, are you able to teach other people about your passions? 

Can you use the digital space to build a community? You don’t need to constantly be creating to generate consistent income as a creator—are there things that you’ve already created that you can sell as is? Templates? Tutorials? Something else?   

There may be online freelancing opportunities in your art that could contribute to a sustainable income. You don’t need to be an illustrator or writer to have a service that people want—you never know when someone may need a piece commissioned, something performed, or have a vision they need your expertise to bring to life. 

More traditional routes to turn to as an artist.

If the online world isn’t your preference, there are always more traditional opportunities to create income. You may find that people in your community are interested in taking lessons from you, having you host parties, or hiring you to complete a project for them. 

Local businesses may be interested in collaborating with you to commission something.

You may find it helpful to contact your local community center to get started. Ask them about what opportunities they may know about. 

The biggest thing to remember.

There are opportunities for you in creative spaces. No market is too saturated. No industry is too dominated. You are a unique woman artist with your own abilities who is capable of creating a consistent income stream.

Do not let your fear of failure prevent you from stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing something exciting. Do not let that one voice tell you that you’ll never make it. 

You are capable of more than you could ever imagine. 

Where would you be in one year if you started taking your creative career seriously today? 

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